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Creating a standard

Since it was first introduced in 2001, GCHL's Standard Coal Trading Agreement (SCoTA) has revolutionised international coal trading. SCoTA enables users to buy and sell physical coal cargoes quickly, efficiently and with limited basis risk.
Today, with over 2,500 Licensed Users worldwide, SCoTA is recognised as the contract of choice for the trade of seaborne thermal and metallurgical coal. SCoTA underpins all transactions on the trading platform and can also be used offline, in bilateral and brokered deals.

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To meet the needs of metal trading participants, STA-M (Standard Trading Agreement for Metals) can be used by buyers and sellers of metals, combining a single, accepted set of standard terms and conditions together with a range of metal quality specifications and delivery points for international metal sales and purchases. As a result, market participants can focus negotiations on what matters most: Price discovery.

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SCoTA and STA-M are living documents. They are continuously refined and updated in close collaboration with the industry. In this way, they remains relevant, effective and readily captures new market opportunities, as we continue to add new products to the commodities currently available on the trading platform.

Online trading

GCHL offers Market Members the opportunity to join a growing community of international producers, traders and consumers in specific market sectors. Our trading platform is a quick, efficient and anonymous route to global physical commodity markets.

What can you trade?

Thermal Coal

Supported by our international team of Market Managers, the globalCOAL trading platform offers a fast, effective and transparent route to physical and financial thermal coal markets.
The world's most comprehensive online physical coal trading platform provides access to fixed and index-linked contracts at the most active coal hubs, including ARA in Europe, Richards Bay in South Africa, Newcastle in Australia, Colombia and a number of Indonesian ports.
As a globalCOAL Market Member, you can also settle against the gC NEWC index, the benchmark price for thermal coal in Asia.

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Metallurgical Coal

Branded and unbranded premium mid volatile Australian met coal and branded premium low volatile Australian met coal are available to trade on the globalCOAL screen as well as PCI (FOB Australia). We have worked with the market to develop a robust premium mid volatile contract, which trades alongside our well-established thermal coal contracts. Incorporating clearly defined quality specifications, the contract also facilitates the trade of high quality branded coals.

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Nickel - Class 1

Trade multiple origins of physical Class 1 Nickel ASTM spec B39-79 (2018) - 99.8% purity, delivered CIF destination points including ports in the USA, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and China. Individual indices will be generated from actual tradable orders and transactions of Briquettes, Full Plate Cathodes, Pellets, Powder or Rounds on the globalNICKEL trading platform.

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Market prices and data

We support market transparency. Transparency is key for us, so we communicate all trading data to the market. This has facilitated the development of reliable indices for price discovery - including GCHL's own NEWC Coal Index, the most widely used benchmark for pricing coal in the Pacific Basin.

GCHL provides reliable, objective price data for the physical commodity markets, sourced primarily from buyer, seller and trader activity on its online trading platforms.

We pride ourselves on anticipating and responding to market needs. We support the industry by introducing new products, creating new tools which encourage liquidity and help market participants effectively manage their risk.

Our price data is reliable, transparent and objective, as it is derived directly from the trading platform. Shared with the market, this data becomes a powerful tool for price discovery and risk management. We offer a variety of packages to meet your needs:

Real time Screen Access

Keep up-to-date with the latest price movements and transactions, as they happen on the trading screen. Receive real-time trade alerts by SMS, ensuring you stay remain informed.

Daily Market Reports

Provide a daily snapshot of all market activity on the GCHL trading platform, including forward curves for specific traded commodities.

Delayed Price Feed

Shows bids and offers on the physical markets in a view-only format (one-hour time delayed).

Historical Price Archives

Offer a one-off download of all historical price information for clients conducting price trend analysis.

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