Trading with globalMETAL

Only principal companies, who will make or take delivery of the metal are permissioned to transact on screen.

Only qualifying screen bids, offers and trades will be included in the index calculations.

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What can you trade?

Physical class 1 Nickel

  • Briquettes, full plate cathodes, pellets, powder, rounds
  • Standardised specs, standard T&Cs
  • One of a number of origins
  • One of a number of global destination points, from Baltimore, USA to Yokohama, Japan
  • Prompt delivery periods or longer dated contracts



Transparent screen trading

  • Bids and offers visible to all
  • You decide which counterparties you can transact with on screen
  • Trade alerts sent to all
  • Fully comparable pricing basis
  • Click and trade - Quick and easy access to spot markets

The trade process


product specs


delivery T&Cs


credit between

Bids & offers

posted anonymously on screen


executed on screen

Counterparties' identities

revealed to each other

Price, volume, origin and arrival period

communicated to the market

Objective Data

included in index calculations

How do I know I won't be matched with someone I can't trade with?

All market participants create and maintain a list of counterparties with whom they can trade. Permissions can be conditional (e.g. buy only, sell only) or time-bound (limited to certain periods along the forward curve).
We'll show you the bids and offers of counterparties with whom you can trade in the red. Those of other parties will be in pink, and won't be executable.

Benefits of globalNICKEL Market Membership

Efficient Route to International Nickel Markets

The GCHL trading platform provides quick, efficient access to standardised physical nickel contracts

Access Transparent Prices in Real-time

Price, destination, origin and volume are communicated in real-time to all market members, providing unparalleled insight into live physical market conditions

Shape the future of our trading contract, STA-M

To reflect market needs, Members are invited to take part in the revision process for our Standard Trading Agreement for Metals, STA-M

Participate in the formation of index prices

Indices are calculated from actual bids, offers and trades posted on the trading screen. By actively participating on the market, you play a part in determining index prices

Requesting information about nickel trading opportunities through GCHL:

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