Benefits of using STA-M

Get access to the Standard Trading Agreement for Metals and the Transaction Specifications.

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No need for lengthy T&C negotiations. Focus on price discovery.


Pricing basis is clear and unequivocal. Contracts can be compared with absolute certainty.


Little basis risk in back-to-back transactions. Flexibility to reverse positions for all market participants.


STA-M is free to use and accessible to all

How can I download STA-M?

Access to STA-M is free. As it is a registered trademark and GCHL owns intellectual property rights in STA-M, it may only be used under a licence granted by GCHL.
Once you are a Licensed User you will have access to our dedicated client portal, where you will be able to download the contract in full.

View a copy of the Metals PLA

The Product Licensing Agreement protects GCHL's intellectual property. It is free to sign the PLA and to download STA-M. Please note that GCHL actively protects its intellectual property.